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Content Guidelines for Advertising on Brainz Insight

  • The content you want to advertise on our website must be at least 700 words.
  • There must be at least one featured image inside the content document, and it must not be copied from other sources on the internet. It should be royalty-free or owned by you. Other forms of media (i.e., videos, and infographics) can be used.
  • Content must be well structured, well written, informative, easy to read, and SEO optimized. It must include subheadings and numbered or bulleted lists, and the content must contain a minimum of 5–6 lines in each paragraph.
  • Every valuable piece of content you want to publish must contain at least one internal link to a relevant post on our site Brainz Insight, and one external link to a high-authority source for the reader to better understand the content and topic.
  • Do not include commercial links unless you have arranged with us earlier.
  • You can use case studies, statistics, numerical figures, personal accounts, etc., to make the content informative and written after good research. These things will help you get more audience engagement for your live or advertised post.
  • The guest post should cite sources of data, statistics, and numerical figures that you mention in the content.
  • The article must be 1000% plagiarism free, not spun from existing content, or written using some AI tools or ChatGPT/AI chatbots.

Finally, your content should be something you will be proud of advertising/publishing online. There is the possibility that your well-written and informative piece of content will get linked to popular websites and blogs in the future.

However, we want the advertisement opportunity to be a WIN-WIN situation for you and us.

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