Bose Companion 5 Review – The Best Multimedia Speaker System for Desktop Computers

Bose Companion 5 Review – The Best Multimedia Speaker System for Desktop Computers

The Bose Companion 5 brand has been the leader in the audio types of equipment market for many years, explaining why its product adds value over time. Bose Companion 5 is the multimedia Speaker introduced many years ago and is still thriving even though the price has just dropped a cent.

Let’s review the features of these branded speakers to find out why these have been so successful till now.

  • No need to have special software, adaptors, complicated wiring, or sound card upgrades to use these speakers.
  • Speaker arrays are fully assembled on stands for more usable desktop space and superb performance.
  • Its magnetically shielded satellite speakers prevent damage to magnetic media or monitor interference. 
  • It is designed with a single-touch mute, a handy control pod that houses volume control, and a connection to attach a second volume source. 
  • Its integrated signal processing delivers incredible performance at any volume level without compromising sound quality. The control pod is  2.5 H x 1.13 W inches. It contains Compression circuits to keep the sound or music undistorted and precise at high volume levels.
  • Its woofer produces a sound that is rumbling and fantastic.
  • Ideal speakers for at-home theater and PC, and its speakers can expand to show the stereo picture.
  • Buttons for mute and volume are available on the control wire. 
  • Easy to set up with great design and quality.

Design Of Bose Companion 5 Speakers

The Bose companion was manufactured and designed 15 years ago, but it still looks modern and well-built. It has acoustimass subwoofers, a control pod, and two satellite speakers fixed to a stand.

This speaker’s controller, USB cable, and power cable must all be connected to the module in the system’s core. 

On the backside of the woofers is a controller to adjust the bass. Woofer can be placed and hidden under the desk, making the position optimal.

As we all know, the Bose companion was designed before wireless technology was introduced. Wires can be to the clutter on the back of your desk. The Woofer loudspeaker could be placed under the desk, and the controller pod and satellite speakers can be placed on the front. However, the system can be somewhere heavy and massive, containing clutter of wires, and the whole set can weigh more than 15 pounds.

The controller pod is handy. It has a mute button on the top and a volume controller that can be adjusted with a soft touch. It also contains a headphone jack and an aux cable port to plug in your headphone, smartphone, or tablet.

Installing the device driver before setting up the system is necessary. To install the Bose Companion 5, you just need to connect the USB cable to your PC. It is compatible with both the operating systems Windows and Mac OS. However, it is always necessary to make alterations to the settings to get the speakers to work correctly.

The Sound Of Bose Companion 5

Music from the internet shows how stereo soundtracks could be created to give a feel like the sound is made from different places. Bose’s companion brings 5.1 surround sound to the system. We could not expect much from the 5.1 surround sound simulation system as it could hardly provide the effect of two rear speakers, but it is still impressive for many reasons.

The Companion 5’s speakers are curved in shape, so the sound spreads in multiple directions to create the surround effects. It helps deliver a much wider soundstage.

The most striking and impressive aspect of bose companion five can be the rumble base response, as it feels like you are enjoying watching a movie in the cinema. 

The Companion 5 is great for PC. However, you might have heard complaints about it. Still, we must remember that we must not compare these satellite speakers with a home theater system because no other speakers in the market can compete with Companion 5. 

Besides the robust base surround response, you can enjoy a mid-range sound and acceptable highs from these speakers. We will realize a noticeable difference if we compare Bose’s companion with Philips Fidelio HTL7180. Bose speakers can produce a much more powerful and precise sound with no distortion, which is perfect for watching movies.

Finals Words

For the last 15 years, Bose Companion 5 Multimedia speaker systems have been available as top computer speakers. If you want a speaker system for your PC because you are unhappy with your current sound system, Bose Component 5 will be an excellent upgrade. Visit Brainz Insight for more informative blogs.

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