How to Hack a Facebook Account

How to Hack a Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media, with Billion of users enjoying it daily. Facebook plays an essential part in people’s daily life as they use it for entertainment, sharing their media on newsfeeds, staying in touch with family, relatives, and friends, and posting about the day’s happenings. However, if you want to monitor someone’s activity on Facebook or know how to hack a Facebook account, you are at the right place. 

How to Hack a Facebook Account

Here are some ways to hack someone’s Facebook account: 

Hacking Facebook Account Using Password Recovery

This method is less complex but requires target Facebook account details. In this method, if you know a few details about Facebook account users, you can hack them quickly. 

With this method, you will get complete access to the account, and they cannot reaccess their Facebook account. 

Follow the simple steps to learn how to hack their FB account using this method: 

  1. Open Facebook and click the “forgot password” option.
  2. Enter the Email address of the targeted account user and click on the “No longer have access to these” option.
  3. Enter the email address where you want to receive the recovery password link. This email should belong to you and not be linked to the Facebook account you are hijacking.
  4. After entering the email, try answering the security questions if you know the account user well. If you answer the security question right, you must wait 12-24 hours to access the user’s account.
  5. If you do not know the security question’s answer, select the “Recover account with the help of friends” option and choose three friends you want to recover the security code.
  6. Get the security code from those users by pretending to be that user and enter the security code to reset the password to a new one.

Using Facebook Hacking Tools

This method is complex and risky as it will cost a lot of money and the assistance of untrustworthy websites—many websites claim that they can hack Facebook password or accounts. 

But the reality is none of those websites can help you because they are sometimes accessible. 

One of these websites creates a Url and interface similar to a Facebook login page. Then you can send the url to the targeted person to ask them to log in here and follow the page, or you can come up with some more persuading lines. 

This way, you will get their email and password. And then, you can use their login details to open login to their account.

However, Facebook pays much attention to its security encryption. If any website could breach its website security, no one would use its media as it would create a massive outrage among the users. So these websites are going to waste your time and do nothing else.

Hacking Facebook Account Using an Email ID 

This method is default and requires only professional hackers to have a chance to hack Facebook account profiles with this method. Skilled hackers are experts in hacking a Facebook account without a password. 

You need to ask a hacker for help and pay them a significant amount for this task. It is also impossible to hack a Facebook account with the help of an email ID because this method is complicated for novice users. 

It requires a long time and years of practice for a hacker to discover security vulnerabilities to get into the account. They might need to spend days and nights hacking an account, but they may or may not be successful after that.

However, if you have access to someone’s gmail Id, you can quickly get into their account by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password.”
  2. Facebook will ask to enter an email: you can enter your target’s email and client on “Search” to search for their account.
  3. Select the option to get a login code to reset your account password sent to the provided email and click “Continue.”
  4. Check Email, enter the login code sent to mail, and update the old password to a new one.

After getting the code, remember to delete the password reset email from the inbox. Otherwise, they will find out that someone has hacked their Facebook.  

How to Hack a Facebook Account

Phishing Method to Hack Facebook Account

This method is complicated because it requires technical knowledge to design a phishing page and purchase a domain name and hosting.

Phishing is a famous method of hacking a Facebook account because it is easy for a person with technical knowledge to design a phishing page. 

It requires developing a page similar to the Facebook login page. You will then send the page url to the target user and ask them to log in. 

When they try to log in to a similar Facebook login page, they will not be able to log in. but you will get their actual Facebook email and password. And then, you can access their Facebook account using these logins to breach their account.

This is one of the safest methods to hack someone’s Facebook account, as you don’t have to take any risks here.

But you need to buy hosting and a domain name for this purpose. Once you have purchased these, creating a similar login page or hiring a web designer and developer would be easier. 

You have to trick the target somehow to enter their login details. Once they do this, their login details will be sent to your email, and you can use them to access their account.

Use of Social Engineering To Hack Facebook Profile

This method is easy if you know the account holder very well. Using social engineering, you don’t need any particular Facebook hack or technical knowledge like the above methods. 

Every online account, including Facebook, uses security questions for users to change their account passwords. 

Some of the most common questions include “What is your mother’s hometown?”, “What is your nickname?”, “What was your first pet’s name?” etc 

You can try answering these questions if you know the target account user well. If you guessed the answers right, you can access their account.

People use their birthplace, partner’s name, or even phone number as their passwords. 

You can also use these as passwords if you know them well. Although this method is easy, it can only be helpful if you know little about the target account user.

Hacking by Stealing Facebook Cookies

This method is complicated as it requires technical knowledge and access to the target device. 

This method to hack Facebook accounts is complex as you need to access the target’s mobile phone if you are not a professional hacker. Before learning this method, let’s know about cookies first. 

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data like usernames and passwords sent to your browser by a website you have visited recently. Cookies help that website remember the information about your visit. 

Cookies store the data packets in our device’s memory.

You might have noticed that it takes longer to load whenever you visit a website on a browser. This is due to cookies on a browser.

Getting back to the topic, the cookies required here are temporary and get deleted automatically when we turn off the browser window.

When the target user logs in to their account, wait until they close the tab they were using. Once they complete the check, trick them into giving you their device to browse something, as they have already completed the account they were using. 

After getting their device, you can steal the cookies from their browser. To do this stealing action, you need to run the following code:


You will get a complete set of cookies with this code. Now, log in to your account and do the same activity. You will get a new set of cookies. 

Match your cookies with the previous ones, and you will know which one is on Facebook. Steal that set of cookies; you can use it to log in to the target user’s account. 


As you can see, all the methods discussed above to hack Facebook account are complicated. We can succeed if we consider putting the right resources, time, and effort into hacking an account using these methods. 

So if you have no idea how to hack Facebook account, you can try the above methods to get into someone’s account. For further Blog posts on Technology and informational topics, visit Brainz Insight.

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