Overview of vitamin C – Benefits, Sources & Supplementation

Overview of vitamin C – Benefits, Sources & Supplementation

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant vital to maintaining a healthy immune system. Its structure readily donates electrons to balance other molecules in the body, like damaging oxidants such as chemicals and pollutants. It helps rebuild vitamin E and glutathione. 

Vitamin C is also found in our white blood cells (leukocytes), which help fight against infectious diseases. Taking 100mg of vitamins daily can help build a robust immune system. 

Vitamin C supplements can magically help you with your physical and mental health. Keep reading the blog to know the incredible benefits of vitamin D.

Sources Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C in the highest quantity can be found in the following:

●   Oranges

●   Grapefruit

●   Broccoli

●   Red peppers

●   Strawberries

●   Potatoes

●   Tomatoes

●   Green peppers

Using Vitamin C (C500 + Zinc) To Stay Healthy

To prevent diseases like scurvy, low levels of vitamin D are required. Taking one orange a day prevents the beginning of the disease. 

However, the goal of most individuals is not only to prevent themself from illness but to live a healthy life by being physically and mentally fit. 

For most people, the consumption of 100-200 mg a day is sufficient to prevent sickness and ensure a robust immunity system.

Highly active people with chronic diseases, like elders, smokers, and athletes, are encouraged to consume an additional 35-40 mg daily to promote recovery and training transformations.

vitamin C

Get Healthy With Zinc Benefits

There are many zinc benefits to make you healthier. Zinc supplement plays a vital role in cell division, male fertility, Hair and bone health. That means you need it to heal yourself. If you have acne, zinc is the best supplement to help you recover from soreness. 

Zinc helps to build healthy and strong muscle. It allows you to make your hair and nails strong.

You must take zinc supplements if you suffer from anorexia nervosa and eczema because there is an enzyme that helps with certain carbohydrate functions. 

The human body produces zinc but also should aim to have supplements. Zinc is found in proteins and meats. 

Therefore vegetarians must take more supplements than those who are non-vegetarians.  Not taking enough zinc can cause problems like dizziness, nausea, hallucinations etc.

Should You Supplement Vitamin C?

Can supplements satisfy your daily vitamin C and zinc supplement needs? What about supplementation? The answer is Yes! Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid can be injected or can be taken as an oral supplement.

Some arguments exist about whether natural sources or other components such as additional vitamins, fibres, minerals, and phytochemicals are more beneficial. Research shows mixed results in both humans and animals regarding food-derived vitamin and synthetic vitamin C absorption.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient and should be added to our daily life. Its role in our health is vast, from fighting inflammation, protecting against pathogens, maintaining immunity, healing our skin, and contributing to the strength of structural tissues in our body. 

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