As a copywriter, have you ever wondered what copywriting services you can offer to your clients? Today we are going to talk about this in this blog post. Here are some ways that you can take into consideration to start selling your services as a full-stack copywriter.


Copywriting is a rare category in the world of freelancing. Copywriters not only have the detailed knowledge of digital marketing but they also geek out in the principles of human and their psychology that help us as a flare to allow us to sell in a cool and smart way. 


This is why we tend to be experts and good at a lot of things in marketing. 


So the question is what services can you offer to clients from the world as a copywriter? 


As a copywriter, what jobs and tasks should you be doing that help you make more and more money?


The answer to the question is that, being a copywriter you can offer whatever writing services you want and whatever you don’t want to do! 


In this article, I am going to break down the most common roles or responsibilities that a copywriter can offer. And also going to share some additional services that you can offer to your clients as a copywriter.

Content & Copywriting Services

As a professional and full-stack copywriter, you will get tons of clients and businesses that will ask you to provide content writing services for them. 


Copywriting is creating content to persuade and sell a product or service. Content writing is crafting the content with your words to educate someone about a specific product or service or we can say that content writing is more focused on brand awareness, education, and engagement rather than selling something. 


There are many forms of content writing services that you can include in your writing services. But I am going to cover the major ones that are going to benefit your client and you as well.

Blog posts

hey, come on! Everyone knows the power of blogging. Blog posts are one of the best ways to get rank on Google in search engine result pages and to better optimize your website for SEO so that Google keeps crawling your website daily. 

But the issue with the businesses and brands is that they don’t have time or energy to craft content to pump up or boost their website SEO by writing blogs for their website so what they do is they hire copywriters for the long term to help them with this purpose.



SEO known as search engine optimization is focused on improving the visibility of your website in the search engine by getting it to rank with the help of keywords inside the content.


Now this is the question everyone asks copywriters are they providing SEO services too? Do you provide SEO content and copywriting services too? 

Seo copywriting is not as difficult as it sounds. 


If you are an SEO copywriter, there are possibilities that your clients will ask you if you are providing SEO services. 


You can hire an SEO expert if you are not skilled in SEO simply means that you can outsource SEO services


So to spice things up you can add SEO services to your list and can offer services to your clients. And you definitely can!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is exactly how it sounds like. Emails are sent to a list of people who have subscribed to you to market something. 

Email marketing adds a lot of value and focuses on building awareness and rapport with the list. 


So depending on the client’s need, they can ask you to write up different types of emails like autoresponders, sales emails, affiliate or content emails. Or re-engagement emails. As a copywriter, you can add all to your services.

Landing Pages Content

Landing pages are the product or service pages of websites where a website is getting most of the users because of their product or service. 


These are also called website content or onsite content copies. Sales pages are created for leads generation and sales. 


So as a copywriter, your purpose is to change every click to the landing pages into Leads. Clients can ask you to write Home pages, about us pages, and their product and services pages content to help them drive more and more traffic that turns into leads and help their business grow organically into the digital world.

Product Descriptions

Product description refers to the content or short paragraph or piece of content that describes a product about what the product is how it may benefit its user what it does etc. 


Product description writing is mostly common in E-commerce websites and online stores where copy space for a brand’s product is limited. It is also categorized as copywriting services to offer..


You do have to make the mistake of writing a boring product that just describes the product what it is and what are its features. 


An excellent product description describes how a product benefits the users.

While writing a product description you can keep essentials in writing in mind that you want your customer to think “Wow this particular product is amazing/cool/smart/funny! And I must get it for myself”!


So you can practice the art of writing excellent product descriptions and you can sell your services on a freelance marketplace or to clients from all over the world. 

Summing Up 

Above is the list of copywriting services that you can offer to businesses and clients from all over the world. You can earn around 10,000$ monthly by selling these services to the brands and clients for their businesses. 


You can get your hands on content writing, copywriting, product description writing, search engine optimization, and blog post writing services and can sell these skills. 


These services and clients who are looking for these services are increasing in the market


So, become a copywriter and earn writing words that add value to brands and businesses. 

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